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Since our inception, our goal has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality practice.

The project department is the backbone of Northern Kitchen. 2009/2010 marked the start of what would be one of our most successful initiatives to date. Northern kitchen launched it’s “Project Department”, focusing on serving builders and property managers with a high quality kitchen refurbishment solution. Today, northern kitchen has a 15% market share of the total properties being reconditioned in Sweden. Northern kitchen continues to see it’s biggest growth in this market segment. Similar success is seen across the other Scandinavian and Baltic countries.


During the last 10 years, northern kitchen has developed a unique competence based on our main order department in Norrköping, Sweden. Together the department has an impressive of more than 80 man-years experience in the kitchen industry, having developed markets in more than 7 countries, project administration and kitchen deliveries. This includes North America.

3.500 kitchens/day

Every kitchen is absolutely unique. Every single kitchen is individually planned and made with the utmost precision. 


Sandy Shabu

B2B Area Sales Manager 

Phone: +4610 456 75 43



Expanding businesses with high-quality kitchens.

Northern Kitchen offers shop-in-shop and reseller solutions for those who currently have a store and may be engaged in interior design, building products, construction or renovation and are ready to deliver a complete solution for each customer. Now you have the opportunity not only to expand your future with the sale of high-quality kitchens from Noblessa, but also to offer your customer bathroom furniture and wardrobe solutions with the same high quality and perfection.


We are now looking for thrifty retailers for shop in shop solutions. You may today be engaged in interior design, building products, new / renovation, home renovations, run a building or paint trade, maybe be a smaller house supplier and see the opportunities in offering a comprehensive solution for your customer. Feel free to ask us, we are at your service. We are there for your sake.

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