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Social vision.

Since our inception, our goal has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality operation.

Every day brings something new at Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer. We view challenges as opportunities. We provide our customers tailored and innovative kitchen solutions: best quality (“made in Germany”), outstanding design, with perfect operation and impeccable functionality. Today and in the future.

With our roots in a family owned business, we are very mindful of the long-term when it comes to how we think and act. We foster a corporate culture that is oriented toward our employees. In addition to exciting and highly varied tasks, we are also able to offer our employees a high degree of job security due to our success and financial independence.

Carefull handling of resources

Quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are essential elements of our company philosophy.

From receipt of goods to production and delivery – nobilia has installed a sophisticated control system for all process steps, to guarantee the high quality of the products. In addition, as many as 21 complete fitted kitchens are put through the paces of a quality audit every day. Quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are essential elements of nobilia’s company philosophy.

Our kitchens have a lot of international certifications that we are very proud of over. For example, we are the only big one kitchen manufacturer who is approved according to The PEFC certification's high demands on quality, durability, tree production and regrowth.

The PEFC certification demonstrates nobilia’s dedication to an environment worth living in as well as responsibility in handling the valuable raw material wood. You can always count on that our processed derived timber products all come from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

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