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Who we are


Quality, sustainability
and delivery should be easy - for you.

For us, it is about meeting requirements,
Do it over time and keep that promise


Our partnership must be profitable - financially, ethically, environmentally and socially. Each project is a unique process where what is to become a personal sanctuary for your customers or tenants meets our many years of experience, craftsmanship and trend sensitivity. Our complete noblessa program with kitchen, bath and storage gives us not only one of the world's strongest assortment but also an aesthetic and finesse that gives your customers added value in everyday joy and design.

It's not just about the end product - the management and scope of kitchens, bathrooms and Storage solutions are a complex device for architects, contractors and property owners where we assist with design, optional management, delivery and aftermarket - We are specialists, throughout the process. With our long experience, we know how to create a kitchen that gives joy in everyday life - year after year after year.

noblessa and nobilia in short

The Noblessa brand has been a driving force of global
kitchen market since 1996. Parent company Nobilia, one of
the world's largest furniture manufacturer, started as early as 1945.
All Noble kitchen is manufactured in state-of-the-art factories in Germany, by experienced craftsmen.

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About us

Northern kitchen has been active in Sweden under different names for almost 20 years. Norrköping is home to our main office, principal management and core functions. For more than 10 years we have honed our skills at doing single-kitchen refurbishments together with property management company Akelius Fastigheter. Today we are confident that our skilled experts are the most experienced and skilled partners for any client in Sweden. For some of our more discerning clients we have built secure delivery chains that stretch well outside Sweden. Our largest delivery destinations include North America, France, Germany, Great Britain and the Scandinavian and Baltic countries.

Today our operations are conducted using a method similar to LEAN, with dynamic cooperation between client and our supply organization. In our organization we have people with experience and knowledge from the building sector, but also more complex businesses such as the Swedish heavy steel- and assembly industries. We have secured this competence and know how to be able to continue to hold our leading position as the strongest supplier of kitchens as well as kitchen service and main contractor for not only the kitchen and supplies, but also the kitchen room as well as bathrooms and closet solutions.

Competency knows no boundaries

Our mother brand, nobilia is impressive both nationally and internationally: Which is why more than 8,000 trade customers in over 90 countries worldwide depend on the company. Almost every second kitchen – of the 727,000 produced annually – is exported.

Every market has its own laws. And nobilia continually adjusts its trade structures to accommodate the requirements of the respective country. In whichever country – nobilia offers its partners quality kitchens with an outstanding value for money, which take into account the trends and preferences of worldwide markets.

Our standard.

Quick facts

Northern kitchen builds intelligently engineered kitchens with excellent design for every taste. For many people, nobilia kitchens reflect their attitude towards life. Our focus is always on quality. In the planning department. In the production department. In the processing and customer service departments. 

At northern kitchen our goal is to provide every customer with exactly the kitchen they want. As unique as the people living in them.

  • Northern kitchen is part of nobilia, one of the world's largest kitchen manufacturers with operations in more than 70 countries.

  • The company was founded in 1945 by the brothers Johann and Willy Stickling.

  • Total sales are EUR 1.228 million.

  • The number of employees is 2,800. Manufacturing in two Nobilia owned factories around the city of Verl in Germany's East-Westphalia. The two factories have a common area of ​​215,000 square meters.

  • Key figures: 630,000 kitchens / year = 2,870 kitchens / day, 5,000 appliances delivered / day.

  • Own transport fleet with 135 trucks, 500 trailers and 280 drivers trained in eco-driving.

We make complete kitchens.

Northern kitchen offers a complete kitchen package from a single source: with intelligent accessories, attractive built-in sinks and a wide range of electric appliance brands from entry level to the premium high-end segment.

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