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Our brands.

Since our inception, northern kitchen has been totally
focused on building a strategic,

high quality solution for the
construction market.

At Northern kitchen, it is our duty to make your work easier. Quality, durability and delivery should be easy for you. For us, it is about meeting requirements, doing it over time and keeping that promise. We do this with competent and comprehensive support, personally and committed throughout the process. Our noble kitchens work to strengthen our promise with German engineering and high-class design in perfection down to the smallest detail.



From Dubai to Shanghai, Beirut to London, Istanbul and Oxford, our kitchens adorn high-class apartments. Luxurious interiors where high standards are the main focus: design, style, equipment, and quality. 
Everything has to be perfect. Designed with incredible expertise and, with the help of meticulously selected materials, these kitchens integrate naturally into extraordinary stylish spaces. Our kitchens are exported to the four corners of the world, satisfying clients in search of perfection.


noblessa has been a brand of excellence for high-end kitchens since 1996. All our Premium kitchens are made in our state-of-the-art factories in Germany, overseen by experienced craftsmen. Elegant design, top quality finish and cutting-edge equipment are demonstrated throughout our entire collection. The perfection of noblessa kitchens can be seen in the smallest details. More than a brand, it's a way of life. noblessa is committed to designing living spaces where elegance and harmony reign supreme by taking our inspiration from you.

Our heritage.

We are part of the family business nobilia, created in 1945 by the Stickling brothers, Johann and Willy.
Nobilia is still owned and run by the family. Current yearly sales volume is EUR 1.228 billion.

Without exception, nobilia manufactures it’s kitchens in it’s two factories around the town Verl in the east-westphalia region of Germany.  With a combined surface of 215 000 square meters, the factories are the most modern and efficient factories european kitchenmaking has to offer.
Every day 2 870 complete kitchens are shipped to customers worldwide. Even so, every kitchen is unique and built to order.

The factories are model examples of precision and efficiency and the whole production line is fully automated to ensure the highest possible quality. Nobilia has made the concious decision to keep it’s manufacturing in Germany. We prioritize guaranteed quality and secure deliveries before short term profits. This emphasizes how secure your investment in a noblessa kitchen is. noblessa will not dissappear over night and leave you with an unsupported product. Nobilia is on the very leading edge of developement, logistics, design and function. This permeates every noblessa kitchen.

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